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​I have known Shauna for several years and can say she is very competent and compassionate Naturopathic practitioner. She can find things your allopathic physician has missed. Give her a call and get well!!!

V.C., Tulsa OK

Natural Health and healing directed by a hand of passion and a heart of gold! Don't miss the blessing of BioSalus!!

K.P., Bixby, OK

I want to RECOMMEND and thank BioSalus Naturopathic Health Clinic, LLC and Shauna Smith, ND for helping my whole family on our journey to natural health and wellness. I know that God is using this clinic and homoepathy to allow us to thrive and stay well naturally ... and not just survive treating our symptoms and illnesses.

N.H., Broken Arrow, OK 

I'm so glad God brought me here, within 30 minutes i was able to find out things that were wrong with me and its taken the medical drs 7 years try this try that and never could get it right. Within 3 weeks with Shauna most of my levels were normal. Also she is a great person, you can tell she loves what she does and really wants to get you well

S.J., Catoosa, OK



Dana Rowe

5840 So Memorial Dr, Ste 113

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