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Shauna is a naturopathic practitioner who leads BioSalus with a strong passion to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. Shauna has a full decade of experience in the field of natural medicine. She maintains a certificate in nutritional counseling as well as Diplomat Associates in Homeopathy.

Bio-Meridian is a computerized testing used to measure the resistance to a mild electric current along a pathway to each of the body's organs. This technique is non-invasive and extraordinary new perspective on the state of the body's energetic health.

BioMeridian testing


Naturopathy can be defined as the art of healthful living and healing. It is based upon life-style education and self-management of the individual. This is the true prevention medicine, as it deals with preventing the causes of disease, thus reducing the cost of health care dramatically, while increasing your quality and length of life.


Shauna Smith, ND

How does the testing work? While patient holds a brass conductor to create an electrical circuit within the body. A probe is placed on various Acu-points on the patient's hands and feet. Healthy tissue in the body has a certain rate of conductivity. Stressed tissue has more conductivity and weakened tissue has less. Upon completion of the test you will be given a report showing functional health of your organ systems.